Thursday, August 02, 2012

I have two tulip drawings done now, but need to find a library book that I foolishly checked out on my account for my 17 year old son, before I can scan them on the library computer,or visit a friend who has a scanner or take a picture and email it to myself, but that never produces good results. Realized that they have a very art nouveau feel; that wasn't intentional, probably is due partly to the influence of Aubrey Beardsley, whose work I have long admired. Huh.

Otherwise....spending one on one time with one of my sons who hardly ever gets me all to himself. We've decided to have steak for dinner tonight; more blueberry picking tomorrow.

I miss you a lot and don't think anyone else is ever going to come close to filling your place....but remembered something this evening and---> I am not crazy or delusional. And on that disjointed note, the library is closing now.....

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