Friday, August 17, 2012

The laundromat isn't my favorite use of time, but I was running out of familiar things to wear. And those kids!!!! Tell me one good reason why I should pay to dry their clothes in the dryer when they treat their clothes as badly as they do! It might be mean, but I'm seriously tempted to line dry their clothes.

I am having a great time shelf reading at the library, finished weeding the field of blueberries I was assigned to, and am trying to talk myself out of a nice, cold americano coffee after the clothes are done. Last night, got significant cleaning done in the shed behind the house (lots of garbage) and hauled off the garbage. There is still a lot of cleanup all over the property and need to start getting firewood in. Anyway, it's been a productive couple of days, but there is still so much to do. Thinking about curtailing the number of days I go to town (including to work) due to the amount of gas the traveling eats up.

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