Saturday, August 18, 2012

Scanning the 2007 artwork. It has a lot of water damage; I am grateful that the damage is confined to an inch or two of the edge at worst, however it still pisses me off that the water damage is there at all. These are colored pencil drawings which took me days to complete. I don't remember exactly how the water damage occurred or who did it, although I do remember screaming, really screaming, when it happened. Anyway, the cardstock it was drawn on is large, 12 inches square, which is a bad size for scanning, so I have been trimming the damaged portions off and then trimming some more in order to balance the composition out again. The drawings were done in relation to the paper they were on, so I'm not sure that they look right trimmed, but it's better than showing water spots. One of them (the only one without water damage!) is too large to scan without taking it to a much larger scanner than I have at my disposal right now. It goes almost to the edges on all sides, so it cannot be trimmed- good thing it has no damaged areas!

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