Thursday, August 09, 2012

Landed another modeling job unexpectedly. It went very well, paid well, the group had artists who are serious about their work (the other group does too, actually). There is something very therapeutic, empowering and centering about art modeling. Getting paid to feel healed, in unity with my body and to be an element in the art process seems almost too good to be true. Make no mistake: it is work. It can be hard work and be physically painful. You have to take it seriously, do your homework and really think about what a pose will offer in terms of line, negative space, balance of expanses and details, etc while still being a workable pose that is possible to hold for an extended length of time without moving at all and hopefully without being in pain...and personally I pick poses that are not explicit or sexual in tone, because it is not about sex, it is about art and the beauty of the human form.

One of the artists gave me one the the drawings he did! I've heard that this sometimes happens, but it was a first for me. The pose was very similar to the one in the link I am about to post here. The funny thing is, I hadn't seen this guy's work, but this is a pose that I could have done (feeling the pain in the elbows looking at it though) and the emotion being expressed is very close to the one that I used for my pose, which was sort of a slightly opened up version of the "I hurt so much that I never want anyone to get close to me again, oh my god I wish I could have a hug because this sucks, instead I will curl up in a ball, pressing my face and heart to the ground/bed", position.

So here is the link; funnily enough it is also the pose he gave me the drawing of! :-)

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