Friday, August 17, 2012

Is it inappropriate, shameless, or distasteful to actively seek out more regular modeling work? I do not want to model for photography....artists only...and preferably a group, although if there were an extremely trustworthy, very non-threatening artist I might consider working in a studio.

I think people are still a little weird about art modeling and nude art in general, at least they are in northern Idaho. I do not understand why the nude body is inseparable from sex in the minds of such people, especially when the genitalia are not even showing! (so glad I'm not a man, when it comes to modeling!) Perhaps that are unable to distinguish between porn (sexy poses, women looking like they want to be fucked) and nude art (aesthetically pleasing poses which has more to do with shapes, planes, light/dark, line, etc and very little to do with sex). Anyway, my point of view is that if I approach the topic in a straightforward, matter of fact way, then it is more likely to be perceived in this way. If I am all secretive and shameful about it, then it will be perceived as something dirty, as something which it is not. Perhaps this is a bit naive.

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RantWoman said...

Would people in Northern ID act more enlightened if told that modeling, holding the same pose for a long time and then returning to it after a break is HARD work, an athletic exercise comparable to the Olympics?

At least that has been my experience.

I modelled nude once for a friend and once in a tank swimsuit for a class. It's quite physically demanding physically. The class all had fun sketching my braid. Since I mentionedthinking about dying my hair cobalt blue, one of the students drew my braid that color. That was FUN!

Oh, wait. Are they against fun in northern ID too?

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