Wednesday, August 08, 2012

This was supposed to be posted last night just before midnight....somehow it didn't.

Waiting for my son to arrive (flying in from visiting my dad). Since I was in Spokane anyway, went to the arboretum. Now, understand: I love the arboretum. I love all the trees there. But when I go there, the stewartia pseudocamelia is foremost in my mind. Sadness and longing lurk in the background of my heart. I walked past all the other trees, went to this one, embraced it with the sort of familiarity and affection as one would hold a lover....and felt peace. I cannot say why this tree is so special to me. Even if there were a number of others of the same species, I think I'd still prefer this one. I only know that as special as the other trees are, they pale into the background when I think of or see this one.

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