Monday, August 27, 2012

The other two alpacas, the one whose owner says they are spoiled, are not Huacayas; instead they too, are Suris! So it looks as if we will have four male Suri alpacas chomping on the vegetation and....hay. About the hay: I had no idea how little alpacas eat! One bale will last an alpaca ten days. I was worried about the amount of hay we would need, probably thinking of the goats and all the (very high quality second cutting alfalfa) hay they needed. Grass hay is cheaper, the bales are lighter and easier to handle....and we will need so much less of it.

Edited to add, also, she said they are not friendly and spoiled? They work with these animals regularly, walk them, feed them treats out of hand and pet and cuddle with them....they may not be friendly as dogs are friendly, but they sound very friendly for alpacas! By spoiled, I guess she feeds them fruits and veggies year round as treats along with their hay and gave them a kiddie pool to cool down in during the summer (their fiber is very, very warm).

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