Sunday, August 05, 2012

Thought I had left my art stuff in the van of the friend I rode to Yearly with, but she says she hasn't seen it and will check just to make sure. The bag contained all of my Prismacolor colored pencils (they cost about 2 dollars, each and there are between thirty or forty of them), most of the Liquid Stylist pens (which is why all the work is going to be done in red until I find them or buy more), other high quality art pens, an entire set of bamboo crochet hooks and the mohair yarn I was using for the Irish crochet project.

What can I learn from this? To branch out and make use of materials which are not my favorite? I do have a habit of developing a preference (usually extremely narrow, singular) and then sticking to that. This habit extends to every facet of my life with only a few exceptions (there are areas where variety is nice!). Or, is it about being disorganized and having too much stuff, such that the things I like best are not sufficiently cared for and kept track of? I need organization desperately.

Was thinking about this last week as I put my favorite polo shirt on. It has favorite status due to it's fit (just right), composition (all cotton, no synthetic) and color (exactly, precisely the right shade of sky blue). It has a 50 cent piece sized bleach spot on the lower back. I wear it anyway because I can't see the spot when it's on me. Looked in the mirror...oh, that spot! Ugh! Had to tuck it in. Then, had to wear a belt because it was tucked in. Sigh..... The solution is to buy at least one more polo shirt just like it. There is only one bra that I like to wear, which means that it must be washed often (while grudgingly putting up with a different one). Again, if I had a few of these I could throw away all the sorry substitutes. Etc....

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