Monday, December 26, 2011

About wool: went through my closet briefly last night and realized that I have a lot of well as three fleeces. I really don't need to be buying any more roving unless it is to sample breeds or to play around with dying it. What I do need to start thinking about is the possibility of buying a spinning wheel so as to be able to spin faster and more efficiently. Also, I should start knitting again. I have most of the colors that I bought for the knitted hat in the Nordic pattern last winter/spring, already made into yarn. I think I am lacking the dark yarn and I have that as well, possibly even enough to make that hat. There's not a lot of point in churning out yarn unless I am going to use it. :-P

Bad dreams last night. There was a late to work dream....I was HOURS late... and then another one...oh yeah. I had gotten a speeding ticket for going almost 35 mph in the 25 mile zone of town near Safeway because I hadn't been paying attention to the speedometer when the speed limit dropped from 35 to 25. I was all freaked out about my car insurance going up for two years, about getting the ticket, etc. Both dreams had to do with the consequences of being inattentive. :-/

That may not be surprising since I lost my dog last night because I simply did not notice she was with me when I drove off. Hopefully she will turn up. There was just so much chaos and noise with all the kids.....also I have lost several other things, totaling about $95 in value. Sigh.....I have got to get more organized. Being a space cadet is very expensive in a lot of ways.

Anyway, off to work.

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chamoisee said...

Found the dog. As usual she was in singleminded pursuit of a rodent. I guess when she gets tired of it I'll have her back. :-P

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