Thursday, December 29, 2011

Speaking of Quaker practice....part of it is simplicity, not owning things that you don't need or use, not having things just for show, etc. And...I have way too much stuff. I found a book at the library....Here is a review of it. If I used to enjoy some item and no longer do, it's time to send it off to someone else who'll appreciate it.

I found a handspinner's group that meets weekly, as opposed to the fiber arts guild, which meets only monthly. Maybe I'll be able to make a few friends there. It was cancelled this week, but should be meeting next week, I hope. Also they have some kind of a big get together near here in February (nice to have something to look forward to in that month!) where people sometimes have used spinning wheels for sale.

And....there is a Quaker silent retreat next month, which pretty much entails silence for a few days. Somehow this sounds very appealing and calming to me. I am seriously considering going but would need to work out transportation.

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