Saturday, September 10, 2011

Almost no appetite. And yet somehow, almost no weight loss. Makes no sense.

More randomness:

Realized that the arrhythmia/palpitations are not occurring only during sleep, I simply notice them a LOT more when I'm asleep. NO caffeine today, so will see if that has been playing a role. Doesn't seem to be actually dangerous, just frightening.

After my second, much nicer drop spindle got broken, I decided I wasn't going to buy a third. These things are expensive! The model that broke looked like this:

Photo is from the shop's website, A Child's Dream Come True. Turkish spindles are nice because the crossbars come apart, leaving a neat center-pull ball of yarn. One does not have to unwind the yarn and roll it into a ball as with standard spindles, and even better, the yarn can be plied directly from that center pull ball very easily. Its labor saving aspects are significant enough to offset the higher price....and to spoil the user into never using a regular spindle again!

So I was pretty upset when I found out that someone had sat on it, breaking the shaft (OK, that sounds all wrong, my mind is in the gutter, but, whatever) so...what was I saying again? Um. Hmmm. Oh yeah, right. Broken spindle. This is the second time a spindle's been broken this way. This time, the break looked like something I could I glued, clamped, dried, sanded.....and almost new spindle!. :-)

Meh...there was more, but I'm tired, still getting effects of meds wearing off. Later.

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