Friday, September 16, 2011

I did not get the job. It was only for two days a week, stocking shelves. I have almost five years of experience....and I could have filled in for most of the other positions if people called in sick.

I cannot even get a job as a boxgirl.

It is so hard not to see this as another form of rejection, not to fall into the I'm-not-good-enough mind trap. I honestly do not think there could be an employee who could do that job better than me (not bragging, I'm just...saying. It's true).

But I'm not smiley and I'm not pretty and I am not good at self promotion...all things which help immensely in a job interview. God, it hurts. I feel like I'm such a failure, like I'm not good for anything, like I'm a waste of space and oxygen. It hurts.

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