Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Well this is a bit unnerving.

I was already a little deficient in the short term memory area, unless it involved visual data. I was already a little ADD.

Going off of Cymbalta cold turkey has exacerbated both of these areas to a rather alarming degree.

And then we have the interesting little aspect of a pretty foggy, blurry spring and summer that I remember very little of anyway. I have no idea what I did with all that time. Apparently I survived, and that is good (I think). I get snapshots into all this when I try to find something, which in itself has been an adventure. Things are not categorized by type, or...not very much. I find very interesting stuff, like:

A clear plastic bag full of plyed handpsun wool yarn in bright colors. If I recall correctly, I was making the yarn for a knit hat in a Nordic pattern, because I got interested in knitting and wanted to refine my skill in that area. The thing is, it was in a drawer full of papers and....

Watercolor paper! Yes! I have some!

and old sketchbooks, ranging in time from last fall to my teen years. OK, let's not look at those just yet.

All the supplies to carve one or two linocut blocks. Um....that looks expensive. How did I afford that?

Henna natural hair dye. Huh. OK, whatever.....

A strand of beautiful rectangular beads in a stone I do not recognize. They're smoky and semi-transparent and have dark tracing lines running through them. I have no idea what these are, and as I make all of my own jewelry, I like to know what the stones are. They also look a little expensive. I don't wanna know.... Did I just spend money on whatever caught my eye?! Jesus Christ.....

Beads similar to what I wanted....red Tiger's Eye, not jasper....but I cannot afford to buy either one, and the necklace being repaired can be deconstructed and fixed again when I can afford more jasper.

And where did the large, flat, square labradorite pendant go???

Broken mouthpiece for my plastic alto recorder. Huh. Trash.

Lots of small pretty things such as seashells and polished stones....random beads and orphaned earrings...an exacto knife with a new blade. Hmmmmm. A spool of sturdy, heavy thread in sage green. Another forgotten purchase. Old photographs, valentines from early childhood (such a fool, I couldn't wait to grow up, thinking I would get "real" valentines then), several tins of Stockmar beeswax crayons (how many of these do I have, anyway?).

Meanwhile, I have lost my cellphone, the hand-pieced, hand-quilted quilt that I made after Daniel Haugen died...took at least 12 years to make it...(I suspect I left it at my ex's house and he's either thrown it away, sold it, or given it to a thrift store).....(ah, Daniel...you were a better person than I. You always knew the right things to say and do. If only you were still here, you'd know what I could do, where to put my feet without tripping on a landmine...I wish I had just a speck of your social finesse)....my chicken field guide (please don't laugh!) and the Sandhill Preservation catalog....and my underwear seems to have just vanished, apparently following the scent of the missing socks.

Hmmm. Life is interesting indeed. I had the cell phone just yesterday. It cannot have gone very far!

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