Monday, September 12, 2011

arrrgh....advocating for my kids in school should not be this much work!

They're playing a Brandi Carlile CD I haven't heard before...though some of the songs are.....i have to find out what this one's great...playing "Oh Dear" right now. :-)

It makes me sad to see things go extinct....and people don't usually think of domesticated animals and plants as being in that category, so they just fall right between the crops. I once bred a wonderful, very early, very reliable winter squash variety that did well in our area with its short season and cool nights. I shared the seeds, hoping that other people would grow it too....It was nice to look at, had dark orange, sweet flesh that tasted a lot life sweet potatoes...I loved that squash. And I lost it. I don't know how this could have happened, but it's true. Moving and homelessness will do that to makes me sick. And all the people I had shared seed with? None of them saved seed for the next year. They all agreed that it was a wonderful variety....but I think they just sort of figured that they could get more seed from me. :-(

Once something is truly gone like that, you can't ever get it back. It's just gone. And in domesticated crops, plants, trees, poultry and livestock, it happens all the time, unfortunately.

When I get to farm again (not if, when), I am going to grow some of those things. I want to join the SSE even though I have major issues with the way they treated their founder, Kent Whealy.

And if I ever manage to recreate that squash variety I lost....I am saving a lot of seed and stashing some of it in a safety deposit box or something. :-(

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