Monday, September 19, 2011

Am beginning to realize that I'm sort of a spontaneous, impulsive, risk taking, dreamy, forge your own trail kind of person.

This is somewhat of a surprise for some reason.

But I suppose it shouldn't be. In the world of MBTI, the INTP's always talked about how the J's of the world squelch our creativity and come to solid, set-in-concrete answers rather abruptly, and how irksome that is. We also discussed the pro's and con's of pairing up with other INTP's (for the record, I have begun to wonder whether INFP would be a more accurate type for me, particularly of much about this mess is sort of classic "INTP tripped up by those damned feelings again". At any rate...). If I recall correctly, the con's included: one of the INTP's will have to assume responsibility for typical J type tasks such as organization, bills, budgeting, scheduling, etc. The INTP that gets stuck with this onerous (to an INTP!) task will grow to resent having to play the J in the relationship.

At some point, I should have had a wake up call here. This has happened to me in at least two of my relationships where the other party was a P type. Yes, yes...J's are responsible and a little restrictive at times...but they've got the structure, man. And an INTP without structure....(wince).

I think back to Daniel Haugen (driving past Wrenco Loop does that to me)- that guy was charming and fun and sensitive, affectionate, caring, thoughtful and kind...and he was zany and a dreamer with his head in the clouds. When I was 18 and he was 36, I had had very little exposure to the outside world....but already I had a tighter grip on reality than he did. I loved him dearly, but oh my, oh time I would have grown to resent being the structure, the backbone, while he got to do all of the dreaming, particularly since I was still a kid.

I would have broken myself in half trying to make it work...but I'm not sure it would have.

It's not that the world doesn't need dreamers.....but. (hmmmm. I lost wherever I was trying to go with this)......well....maybe there's a place in the world for those J types, too. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Guess who?

Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging
Strength of the preferences %
56 50 12 22

chamoisee said...

Light on the T, huh? Hmmmm......

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