Thursday, September 29, 2011

I need to find a space of some sort where I can have my art stuff laid out and work on art...a place where I can have everything laid out and ready to work and not have to spend a lot of time putting it all away and getting it all back out again. The space does not have to be large, although it should be well lit. Ideally it would be fairly warm in the winter because cramped fingers don't draw well.

I don't want it to be where I live because:
  • The energy here is one of anxiety. Anxiety kills creativity. I need to be able to relax in this space
  • I cannot lay stuff out and have it ready to use here, because my living quarters get inspected once a week and often more than that.
  • Also....oil paints, turpentine....I could cover the floor and walls with plastic or canvas or drop clothes to protect a space, but then, I would fail the inspection.
  • Also, my small children do not realize that I have these supplies, and I'd rather they don't figure that out.
  • I need to feel safe in the space, the art supplies need to be safe, and my work (in progress and finished) needs to be safe as well.
  • The Arts Alliance building will work for my clay/pottery, but as it is, there is not room there to store a small box of clay. I have to bring it in, work, pack it all up again and leave with it. This is time consuming. I am willing to do it for pottery because I have so few other options, but I am totally unwilling to do it for drawing, painting, etc.

Footnote: The hike was great. Meditating out in the woods did wonders for my right brain, and I came down from the trail feeling renewed and relaxed....full of all kinds of new ideas to implement (clay). And then I came home and the reality of my circumstances slapped me in the face.....and now I just feel tired...defeated...and I want to move. I have no idea where I could possibly move to, I can afford nothing.

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