Monday, September 12, 2011

I have decided that I don't have a problem with least not the type that involves consenting adults and is not abusive/demeaning, etc. This is a change, because I used to think that porn was degrading to women by its very nature, that it objectifies us. To be honest, I don't think I'd feel real happy about it if I was with a partner who seemed to prefer porn to the real thing....other women are threatening even when they're on paper! :-P

Anyway...after actually reading a Playboy, I have changed my mind. What on earth is wrong with celebrating the beauty of a nicely put together woman? And---> they look healthy. Most of them weren't as toned as they should be, but at least they weren't emaciated, which is a total contrast to the women's magazines and fashion crapola that gets fed to females. Ladies! Pick up a Playboy and look it over: these girls don't have skinny little asses.....their ribs aren't sticking out...they're curvy. I think we've been fed a line of shit. It is clear to me that we do not have to be rail thin to appeal to most guys. This is liberating!

So, yeah. I looked through the entire mag. Then I put it down and went and looked at my own body in the mirror and...for all this feeling fat that I've been doing, I realized: I am not at all fat. It would be nice to be more toned, to be carrying more muscle and less flab, but there is nothing there to make a guy scream and run, lol......well, maybe most guys.... blush.....there's not much to be done about C section scars, lol.

I mean, my point is that I think women have been suckered into this ideal body image that isn't realistic or even that attractive. Happy faces, nicely rounded boobs, curvy asses.....that's attractive. Being comfortable in the skin you're in, that's a whole lot more appealing than trying to cover it up and obsess over why it isn't good enough.

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