Friday, September 02, 2011

If anyone hears some garbled sounds of frustration off in the distance, it's me looking for my fucking Pink Floyd T shirt.

Now, I have no rational reason why I have to find that T shirt. I have a shirt on. I have about 20 other shirts, way more than I need (and I am gonna get rid of them so I can find the one I want when I want it!!!!!!!).

  • It is larger than my other shirts.
  • It is the *softest* T shirt I have.
  • It's black, and black is my favored color of choice other than a very particular shade of blue.
  • The design on the front is nice, kind of blurred out.
  • And here I run out of rational reasons why it has got to be that shirt and not a different one.

Once, several months ago, I thought someone had wound up with it via the community laundry room. Oh, my. I think I scrutinized each and every person here on a daily basis to see if they were wearing it (blush). Of course, I had simply misplaced it, found it a few weeks later (and was SO happy to have it again).

I wish I could say that this sort of behavior was confined to this shirt...alas, that is not the case. When I get attached to a particular necklace or pair of shoes, or jeans, etc.....I will wear it until it literally falls apart. In fact, I have a blanket that is doing exactly that. And I think that's OK.

The thing is---> I need to get rid of all the other stuff. Ha!

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