Monday, September 19, 2011

This week: I need to call White's Outdoors and see why I do not have my boots yet, some 3 months after I sent them in. The Asics that I've been wearing offer very little protection for my feet while splitting wood, should the maul somehow land on my foot or ankle. Three months.... it's about time.

Also: price the work that is on display at Common Knowledge, start work on a commissioned drawing, glaze the fish sculpture. Find a new doctor. Harvest and dry the herbs in the garden for winter. Pick whatever is left of the other produce (neighbors picked most of it already...yes, for themselves...and no, I am not very happy about that). I don't mind sharing, but they picked every effing thing that was ripe and a lot that was not. I cannot believe it.

Anyway...also I want to try making kale chips tonight and dig up my gluten free scones recipe. I haven't made them since January.....but at some point, one has to reclaim life, a little bit at a time. Besides which, mine are better than the ones I've been paying $3 apiece for. That is my job for this week: to suck it up and make the scones without falling uncoil my tendrils and probe back into the art try and live again, a little bit at a time.

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