Saturday, July 28, 2012

A disgusting thought: practical use of urine. According to the Solviva book, when diluted 1:10 with water, it is an excellent fertilizer. Yeah, I know....yuck. However, it is a waste of nitrogen to flush it (as well as becoming a pollutant) and I am sick of my boys peeing next to every tree and building in sight- that's gross. If I can set aside a bucket, then dilute it and use it on fruit trees, this would be preferable to the alternatives. I am not fond of the idea of using it on least, not any vegetable that would come into direct contact with it, such as leaf or root crops. Flowers (watered at ground level, not on foliage or blooms!) or fruiting crops such as squash, pumpkins or corn would be OK.

As for humanure? No, absolutely not. Urine is sterile, shit isn't.

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