Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Huh...that sounded depressing. Good things:
  • The sun is shining! My virgin mattress (lol) got wet in the rain and will get a chance to dry out. Need to find a find a way to keep it dry and protected.
  • The kids are outside picking pie cherries on public land near the Farmer's Market.
  • Did I mention it isn't raining? That's so nice!
  • My son is going to visit my dad at the end of this month and will get to attend the annual Hill Family Canoe Trip. This is something that I could recreate here. I have a canoe. It needs major fiberglass work before it will float, but nevertheless, it is a canoe.
  • My son's dog is doing much better and all the kids are well and happy.
  • Now that I'm out of a job, there is time to catch up on all the appointments for my kids (example, dentist), so that when I get employment again, these will already be handled.
  • Yearly is coming up and my son and daughter will be coming with. I have found a housesitter to watch my place and the dogs.
  • And for no reason in particular, the thought of you makes me smile. :-)

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