Monday, July 09, 2012

Woke up feeling well rested and happy! :-) Going to explore a few work options this week, even if it's just picking blueberries. I didn't want to make inquiries while feeling blue. First of all, I wouldn't make a good impression and secondly, I wasn't in condition to withstand rejection, which is part and parcel of job searching.

Also feeling ready to resume creative endeavors, so will consider whether it would be prudent to renew the Arts Alliance membership (Pros: connections to other artists, covered, safe environment for fragile work in progress, area dedicated to creativity away from any other distractions. Cons: $35 a year, limited access compared to working at home, toting clay and tools back and forth constantly). The pottery on display there for Artwalk hasn't sold yet as far as I know, but any visibility or publicity is good nonetheless.

Because it is late in the season, I'm not going to invest time in a huge garden this year, but will plant spinach, kale, greens and possibly beets, peas and maybe broccoli, as well as the transplants that I already have. The garlic which is in the community garden should be ready to harvest and braid soon. Most of it is crappy commercial softneck garlic, with the remainder being Killarney Red, a hardneck type which doesn't braid well but tastes so much better.

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