Monday, July 23, 2012

Cleaning up the property of the place where I'm at is going to take a long time. I keep finding stuff in places that just looked like grass, ferns or weeds. Deep cycle batteries, boxes of toys or what used to be nice winter boots...neatly stacked building materials....

There is a lot of firewood and logs cut for building projects, etc, which have gone rotten or started to. I am salvaging what I can for firewood. The rotting wood is going to be used for two Sepp Holzer style raised beds, in which I will plant the rubrifolia roses, the apple seedling, and fall planting veggies, including snap peas, spinach, etc. I am hoping to be able to f ind some rocks, to make another spiral herb garden. The herbs are unhappy about having been in pots and various containers for so long.

What is a Sepp Holzer style raised bed? Here are some links:
another link

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