Tuesday, July 03, 2012

In pursuit of simplicity.....

We still have at least twice as much stuff as we need. Having just moved, it's even more difficult to locate the stuff we want to find. I have an idea: categorize everything first, and then go through each category and weed out the excess.

Priorities for the rest of this year:

  • Long term living quarters, which could entail making the place I am at more suitable for the long term.
  • Various appointments and loose ends, many involving the children.
  • College- coming up with a way to pay for the fall tuition as well as transportation for the ceramics class, which must be taken at the college, whereas many of the others can be done online.
  • Work, source of predictable income.
  • Art: one of my goals is to use up all the free clay that I got in...holy cow, that must have been the spring of 2010. That doesn't seem possible, but apparently it is. After the semester ended, I took home a lot of the clay that other students left behind. If I make a bunch of stuff and am able to transport it back to college in the fall, it can then be fired at no cost other than the tuition for the class. If I fire it at the Arts Alliance, it will cost a small fortune. I also want to continue working it the other mediums.
  • There are some financial obligations I'd like to take care of ASAP.

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