Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reading Dazzle Gradually: Reflections on the Nature of Nature. There are about 20 words that I either don't know or am not secure enough about that they've been written down on a card to look up in the dictionary. Boggle used to be enjoyable for the same reason- vocabulary expansion.

Various thoughts war quietly within me, in the background....

I don't know if I will see another summer. In reality, we never do. We think we do, but we don't. None of us can say with any certainty that we'll see another day. So I thought about: every day, choosing a star of the day's show, a thing that was precious and highlighted that day. Something that I might not see again, or not in the same way. For example, on the way back from Corbett, Oregon a few weeks ago (Women's Conference), we stopped to see a waterfall. Probably I should remember the falls, but instead the striking detail in my mind is of two deep, burnt orange centipedes which were mating, their curvy, multi-legged little bodies....they were beautiful. If I had drawn something from that day, it would be of those centipedes. From a day or two prior, it might have been Heracleum, or the espaliered apple trees, or the lacecap hydrangeas.... I am dreading the winter already...but see, if I try to look at each individual day and capture something worthwhile from it, maybe....oh, I don't know. :-/

I visited the community garden plot today. My, it was overgrown with weeds... Harvested a first picking of dill to dry, chamomile flowers to dry for tea, and removed scapes from the garlic (not sure how to utilize those yet) so that it will head up. Inadvertently pulled up one of the Killarney Red bulbs while weeding and it was close to the size found in stores. There are so many plants at home, and now that I've stored a lot of the stuff, there should be room to plant some of it. I wish I could say that these things have given me a sense of accomplishment.

What, what can I do that will get me through the Ah- the ceramics class will get me through at least half of it- good. I would never have gotten through that spring without that class. And then what? What.... work? hobby? internship?

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