Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's too easy to read. I could add more ink or color, but frankly, am afraid of messing it up. Next time the writing either needs to be covered up more, written in code, or otherwise obscured enough to provide interest without actually being legible. :-/

The first one that I did like this had entirely different subject matter both in writing (a rant against the narrowmindedness of hard core conservatives and how nature herself disproves them) and image Mariposa lilies. I know....Calchortus is more accurate, but I'm too lazy right now to look up the full name....The opacity of the colored pencil in that drawing effectively masked out enough of the content to make the writing into a background component with additional interest rather than the star of the show. My code has upwards of 50 characters, so is fairly secure...enough so that I sometimes have difficulty deciphering it. Or I could simply turn the paper and write in intersecting lines across the existing script and the draw over all that. This would also make for a more uniform background.

Anyone who knows me past surface deep knows that I'm absolutely stupid over you. Probably I should be ashamed. Sometimes I am. No one else has had this much power, never have I been humbled to this degree. I am only thankful that you aren't the sort to exploit or enjoy it. But perhaps someday, my heart will grow cold and distant again. Without pain, or light or color, no fear, because when you're untouchable, there's no danger. Maybe I could choose today, to become that person. But when you have a heart like a desert and you find an oasis in there, you don't burn it down or walk away from it.

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