Friday, July 20, 2012

There needs to be something more substantial in the North Pacific Yearly Meeting's (Quaker/Friends group I am a member of) Faith and Practice, regarding domestic violence and abusive relationships. I am not referring only to the standard husband abusing the wife scenario, but also children being abused by parents, any kind of domestic violence. I would even go so far as to apply this to pets and animals. Quakers are known for their stance on non-violence, particularly as it applies to war, slavery, civil rights,'s time to bring it home.

We are currently revising the "Marriage and Committed Relationships" section of Faith and Practice.  There is only a single, solitary, weakly phrased sentence relating to abuse. In my opinion, this is inadequate. Discussion and input on this topic takes place tomorrow. I don't want any woman anywhere to feel unsupported or guilt tripped by her meeting when she leaves an abusive man. I don't want any children who are showing bruises and the flinch reaction to raised hands, to go ignored because "it is not our business and we don't want to interfere".

Because I am a Quaker, because of the way we do things, my voice actually matters on this subject and I can try to do something about it. Women are not expected to be weak, submissive little things who agree with whatever the men do. No. Quaker women have power and social standing in our community. They get things done and are movers and shakers. They get listened to. This is one of the things that I love about being a Friend....and so....towards that end....tomorrow. But the groundwork begins today.

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