Thursday, July 26, 2012

Someone left an old beater truck parked near the entrance to my driveway. It wasn't there last night, so it must have been deposited during the night or early this morning. I have no idea what to do with it. Sell it for scrap? Look the owner up? Call the police? At any rate, I suppose it is no longer a good idea to go outside early in the morning in a state of of the luxuries of living surrounded by thick undergrowth and forest.

Re: the rocks in the area I've been digging, they are more than one kind of rock and only a thin layer deep, under a humus layer. Between this and the buckets of sand nearby, clearly this was the place where aggregate was piled for mixing concrete. There is a piece of hardware cloth in the back of the beater truck (to give you an idea, it's in much worse shape than my own truck) so I could screen the topsoil/rock mix to isolate the rocks for use in the driveway. I'd been really wanting a piece of hardware cloth..... On the other hand, do I need to pour any concrete? Maybe for the chicken coop or a  greenhouse?

Anyway...I need to find a way to pay for my classes, line up car pooling, and move a big wooden table to closer to the house so I can start working with clay again and have work ready to fire when class starts.

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