Friday, July 13, 2012

Planted nearly all of the nightshade transplants (tomato, eggplant, a solitary pepper). They weren't doing so well in tiny little pots that dry out easily. I still have a lot of herbs to plant...everything from basil and marjoram to comfrey and mint.

Slowly getting unpacked and consolidating/categorizing stuff. The only things I can't find now are: a favorite pair of Calvin Klein jeans, darker than the others, size 3 or 4....a box of art and paintings (think I know where that is), official documents (eek!) and recipe box and own recipes (not replaceable, oh well).

Since my former coffee spot lost the employee who made forgoing wifi worthwhile, I've been even shorter than usual on funds and haven't found a suitable replacement. The place I'm at today used to be a frequent hangout, but the furnishings are all hard surfaced (feels inhospitable and sterile), cops come here a lot (haven't done anything wrong but they frighten me anyway), the wifi isn't always reliable (turns off without warning at times and the password changes constantly) and the employees haven't been entirely polite to me. The owners usually are, but they aren't here. Probably won't be back again. Common Knowledge has excellent coffee, but lots of loud, gossipy, excessively emotive female customers and very tempting, very healthy food that I wish I could afford.... Monarch Mountain is generally good, primarily because Brent, one of their employees, makes customers feel welcome and at home, as if you've been missed... also the coffee is reasonably good and enough friends, acquaintances and artsy connections hang out there to make it a nice place to be and run into people. Anyway...the health club awaits my little boy and I....

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