Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yearly! (properly known as Annual Session).

I am once more going through the initial social awkwardness piece of attending one of these meetings...but having seen many of the women at the Women's Conference only a month or so ago helps considerably. It has come to my attention, through no outside influence or input, that I have been swearing habitually. This is an ugly, unattractive habit and prevents me from articulating displeasure in ways which use a larger vocabulary. Anyway...I brought my chess set hoping to play (no particular opponent in mind). This is also a good opportunity to play my kids, as we will get some free time in fairly quiet settings without wild distractions.

Food is abundant, tempting and varied. For dinner: wild caught salmon (poor salmon!!), green beans (not cooked to death, yay!) and a handful of fresh cherries. My jeans have been getting loose...I have a feeling that this will no longer be a problem by the time I get back home. Found the missing pair of jeans by the way. Size 4, have grown loose since being packed. The thing about eating at these meetings and conferences is that not only are healthy options available and tempting, there is a lot of diversity. There are salad bars and all sorts of nice things that would be inconvenient to make at home. I would like to see carrot juice or some drink option that doesn't involve corn syrup or sugar....(hot tea? unsweetened iced tea?) however generally speaking though the options are quite good here.

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