Thursday, July 19, 2012

The theme of this Annual Session is "Listening in Tongues". Just like the grace theme of the Women's conference, I was a bit turned off by the title, however the theme, as it turns out, is about communication across borders, differences, etc.

In other words, it couldn't have been more relevant. And as I was sitting in silence today, quieting my thoughts, reaching for that place of calm, it came to me: the things that truly matter transcend words. I chafe against that concrete wall. Does a broken bone resent the cast that closes it in? It might. I pound and curse that thick, cloudy glass to the point of exhaustion. Does that do me any good, or would my energies be better applied elsewhere?

Because........even though the wall exists, there are times when I lean against and feel a spot of warmth from the cold cement. The glass is dense, but you are there, on the other side. And now....I return to the silence.

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